Sunday, 17 October 2010

Orders to administer: inventories 1953-1978 (Sources Sunday)

This is an extract from my book Tips for Queensland Research:

Supreme Court (Southern District) orders to administer - inventories, 1953-1978 (Queensland State Archives series ID 17985) consists of only a small number of files, but they include some persons whose intestacy file was lost in a fire. The 'orders' give deceased's name, residence, occupation, date and place of death, and an inventory. The file number in this series corresponds with that in the index to Public Curator orders and elections.

(From time to time I use my 'Sources Sunday' theme to discuss a non-Internet source such as a specific item or series in a record office, a book, or a library, museum etc as a source in the broader sense. Sometimes 'Sources Sunday' is in one of my other blogs, which are listed in the sidebar.)

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